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    Student Alumni Board Application Form

    The Office of Alumni Relations is seeking nominations for the Augustana College Student Alumni Board (SAB). Three students from each class will be selected to join the board for a term that expires upon their graduation.

    Members of the Student Alumni Board (SAB) will work to connect students to each other and alumni of Augustana College through programing and educational initiatives. Working as the student arm of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, the SAB will help create a tight knit community of Vikings that brings together alumni and students from all groups, clubs, and interests by:
    1. building loyalty among Vikings that will last a lifetime;
    2. educating students about what it means to be an alumnus of Augustana College;
    3. connecting students with alumni; and
    4. creating a culture and habit of giving on campus that will continue past graduation by educating students on the importance of philanthropy.
    To accomplish these goals, the SAB will plan events throughout the school year. 

    Members of the Student Alumni Board will be full members of the Augustana College Alumni Association Board of Directors pending attendance at 50% of the Alumni Board’s bi-yearly meetings, 50% of their Alumni Board monthly committee meetings, and 50% of SAB meetings. Each member of the SAB will sit on one of the four committees of the Alumni Board: Affinity Building, Career Development, Philanthropy, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Three students from the sophomore, junior, and senior class will be selected to join the board.

    Please contact Evan Sammons with questions.
    Graduation year
    Graduation year